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About Us

iReadnWrite is a revolutionary reading and writing programme, designed for children from 3 years to 9 years. The materials are staged for vocabulary, print size, language functions, tasks and content for the children to make sense of the print. It is our joy to mention that this methodology is suitable for children with Global Delay, Down Syndrome, Hearing-impaired, Dyslexia & Mild Autism. They have benefitted greatly from this programme.

Our Teachers

Sook Wai

Head Teacher

I’ve fun with students of diverse abilities for more than 30 years. I help them with their reading and writing skills while they update my repertoire of cartoons and latest toy craze- a fair exchange!😁



I’m known as a patient and kind person. It’s my love for the children that shines through our daily interactions. As a mum to 2 adult children, I enjoy helping preschoolers with their reading and writing. It gives me much joy to see them reading ferociously.

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