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  • My child is struggling with reading. He knows the letter sounds but can't seem to blend the sounds to read a word.
    Phonics may not be the only way to effectively help all learners to read. iRead helps learners of all abilities to enjoy reading as the meaning of words is introduced at the start of the programme. Meaning is as important as decoding the language. Phonics trains only decoding the language which is a highly technical skill.
  • With the whole-language approach used at iReadnWrite, will my child be able to read long words if he doesn't know how to sound it out?
    By the time the child reaches Level 6 of the readers, they would have learnt enough vocabulary and have enough awareness of the language to be able to read more challenging words.
  • How will my child be able to read difficult words after the iRead programme if she doesn’t learn phonics?
    The brain is able to assimilate a huge amount of information and words. Our program helps each learner master the vocabulary found in the book since it’s a book-based program. By reading more than 100 books by levels, a student is able to decode the language independently.
  • What is the class size at iReadnWrite?
    We have a low teacher-child ratio of 1:4 for iRead. This allows for individual coaching and learning at their own pace. iWrite limits 6 students in each class, thus it encourages the budding writers to share ideas and work on stories together.
  • How long is each lesson at iReadnWrite?
    Each lesson is 90 minutes of fun learning. Mastery of vocabulary found in the books is done within the session. No homework!
  • How long is a term?
    Each term is made up of 12 weeks. Any lessons missed are to be made up within the term.
  • What happens if my child misses a lesson?
    Replacement lessons can be made anytime within the term. Parents may contact us at 6463 7811 to make arrangements.
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