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Stripes Dress-Up Week Recap

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

We had our first dress-up week last week!

In between reading and writing, we learned about Zebras and why is there a need for people to protect Zebras before they go extinct. Some of us had no idea people hunted Zebras for their meat! Most of us agreed that Zebras need to be protected and kept safe to prevent them from disappearing forever.

Here are some photos from the week! Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to capture photos of everyone that came dressed in stripes. Thank you to all who came dressed in stripes! We hope it gave the children something to look forward to ◡̈

A short write-up on Zebras that the children read during their free time.

We look forward to our February event for Valentine’s Day! We will share some photos on our website and social media after the event. Do let us know if you do not wish for your child’s photo to be shared.

Thank you!


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